Possible Best Trade Ever


Yesterday was a great day for several reasons. Mainly because it was sew day. Sew day, of course, is always a great day, but yesterday was even better! My friend, Marion (myquiltdiet.blogspot.com), somehow received a garbage bag full of Joel Dewberry fabric. I haven’t convinced her to share with me yet! In this bag was a pair of lounge pants cut out. Marion was going to cut up the pants to make a pocket for a bag!

Fortunately, I saved the pieces by offering a trade. She gave them to me in exchange for a fat quarter she could use for a pocket! It was a Flea Market Fancy fat quarter, but not my favorite one. Then Marion even sewed the 5 seams for me! This morning I serged, heamed, and elasticized it.


Now I have a fabulous pair of lounge pants that are exactly my size! It was meant to be!  Best fat quarter I ever spent!