The Secret to Resolutions


My secret to New Year’s resolutions is twofold.

First, I call it a goal. No one keeps New Year’s resolutions, but a lot of people reach their goals. It sounds silly, but I think the mind shift is important.

Second, set stepping stone goals and act like you have already reached the first goal.

One example of this is a goal I made this year. (It actually started last fall because goals don’t start on January 1st.)

IMG_20140203_130956My goal is to run three times a week. This is reasonable in the summer, but I am a wimp when it gets cold. So I made stepping stone goals. My next goal was to run once a week. I have never ran through the winter, so I knew even once a week would be hard. So my realistic first stepping stone, I can for sure do that, goal is to run more than last winter.

Well, I went running last fall after when I normally do, and bundled up warmer. Boom, first goal reached! I assumed that I could meet my first goal, so I did! It was a no brainer. The next part was harder, but because I was already succeeding, it was easier to keep trying. I have had setbacks-getting sick and an extra cold winter, but if I went once in a week, I met my second goal that week.

Now I have been running once a week for a few weeks now, and twice a week for two weeks (but I also played basketball, so I count that). I am calling this a win! My rreward was an early birthday present, the running shoes pictured above. Today was my best run this year!

I don’t always reach my goals, but that is my self talk that helps me reach them sometimes. Sometimes is always better than never! What do you do to help achieve your goals?