Tutorial: My Favorite Three Seam Skirt


With five girls, I have made my share of skirts. A year or two ago, I acquired a serger. This is where the skirt sewing began. After a few tries, I came up with this ultra fast skirt. It involves only three seams and no hemming! I have made dozens of these skirts.

In fact, one Sunday morning the little one was whining about not having anything to wear, and I didn’t want to deal with it. Instead of helping her find clothes, or getting upset at her sisters for not helping, I made her a new skirt to wear to church. They really are that fast!

Here are some pictures:

First, the four year old in her skirt made from Riley Blake Unicorns and Rainbows —

MPQ 3 seam skirt 2a

and the six year old in her skirt made from Riley Blake’s Sunny Happy Skies —

MPQ 3seam skirt 1a

and the eight year old in her Rocket Age skirt from Riley Blake —

MPQ 3 seam skirt 3a

I love that last picture!

Would you guess that there may have been ice cream involved as a bribe for smiles? Would you also guess that not long after the above picture was taken, the eight year old broke down and did not get ice cream. (Well, she didn’t get to pick her own ice cream. She got to share with me.)

Here’s the link to the tutorial:  http://www.moosequilts.com/Tutorials/ThreeSeamSkirt.pdf