Amish Country


It may be a little late to post about Spring Quilt Market. Lots of great pictures and information has been posted. I had the great fortune to drive to Market and had a wonderful experience on the way home that isn’t out-dated. A couple years ago, I met Ruth from the Log Cabin Quilt Shop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I have written a few patterns for Ruth, including:

Faith and Family


Heavenly Star Bed Scarf / Table RunnerMPQ125BedScarf

and Dahlia Star.

MPQ123DahliaStarI am also working on developing more patterns for her this year. Because that was such a fabulous experience meeting Ruth, Machelle Preston, my partner in craziness, and I took the opportunity to stop in the Amish communities of Berlin, Ohio and Shipshewana, Indiana.

Here are some pictures from the countryside we visited.


There is something about a farm that is so peaceful. How is something that takes so much work so relaxing?


We drove through the Berlin (pronounced with the emphasis on the first syllable) on laundry day. Loved seeing the wash hanging out to dry.


With the morning fog lifting, this picture turned out a little fuzzy. I couldn’t help playing with it.


I love a good rocking chair!


We don’t see rolling countryside like this in Utah. I was mesmerized.


This fabulous barn quilt was on the side of a Little Helper’s Quilt Shop. They sold smaller ones in their shop.


What trip wouldn’t be complete without pictures of a horse and buggy. The buggys in Ohio were not covered. The buggys in Indiana were enclosed.


The juxtaposition of the buggy and the semi was interesting.


It might be nice to take a horse and buggy to the quilt shop, but I think the novelty would wear off quickly.


More barn quilts. Are they still called barn quilts when they aren’t on a barn?


This has nothing to do with the Amish, but I actually caught the picture of the giant windmill blade driving down the road! Three of them went by. It was impressive.


I love a good road trip. Stopping in these two Amish communities and meeting people along the way was the highlight of this trip.