Two of my projects were recently rejected by magazines and publishing companies. I’m okay with that. That’s why I decided to write this post. I learned many years ago that rejection is just part of the process – in pretty much everything.

It helped to understand this idea when I approached it from the other direction. Are all my ideas fabulous? No. Just because I think my idea is fabulous, does that mean that it HAS to match the direction someone else wants to take with their project? Of course not. When someone tells me that it doesn’t match what they are looking for right now, does that mean my idea was terrible? No. It means it doesn’t fit. In fact, with my latest rejection, the person I was working with loved my idea! She tried to make it work, but it isn’t all about me, and it isn’t all about her either.

When I get a rejection email, I allow myself to be disappointed. Then I re-evaluate the idea. Is there a way I can take it from good to great? Is there another place for that project that makes it a better fit? Does that idea just need to be shelved for a while? Sometimes the timing isn’t right. It’s all okay. It isn’t the end of the world. Tomorrow is another day. Trust that you will have more ideas. You will.

If all else fails, sit and read a book with a child. That usually helps me put things into perspective, and I love children’s books.

And because I wanted to have pretty pictures on this post, here are two of my new patterns that were not rejected. They are published with Checker’s Cut Loose Patterns line.

This is Allie’s Garden.

Allie's Garden

This is Charlotte’s Babies.

Charlotte's BabiesThey are two mini quilts that are English Paper-pieced and embroidered. –Confession — while I did design the embroidery in the center, my friend embroidered them for me. I wanted them to look pretty 🙂