When Quilts Find Their Home


Today I am going to a party for a cousin who I love. He is older than I am, and I am not young. The party is to celebrate his engagement. This is his first marriage. I am so happy for him!

I, of course, planned to give he and his future wife a quilt. I had a feeling that I had a quilt already made that would be a worthy gift. I was pleased to find this selvedge quilt that I made five years ago.


Here is the original blog post: http://www.moosequilts.com/blog/2009/09/30/a-layer-cake-and-some-selvages/


My cousin loves hiking and the outsdoors, and this quilt feels earthy to me. The backing is a fabulous rusty orange “heather” fabric that Moda produced for a short while. It is soft like flannel, but it is a light weight woven fabric. It was slippery to sew with, but it has a wonderful drape. Used as a backing, it makes a quilt that begs to be cuddled with!

The selvedges add a quirky-ness to the quilt that also suits my cousin. He has many varied interests, and is a little quirky. I am so happy my cousin has found someone who appreciates him, and I hope they love the quilt as much as I love them!

This quilt told me that it had found its home. Have your quilts talked to you this way?