Wear and Tear of a Weekender Bag


A couple years ago I made one of Amy Butler’s Weekender Bags with some friends. Here she is in all her glory!100_4466

It was quite an ordeal. You can read the full report on my friend’s website: http://myquiltdiet.blogspot.com/2012/10/weekender-finished.html

The toughest thing about the bag was all the layers and layers and layers, between the piping and the pockets, and the stiff interfacing… layers  upon layer upon layers. I think it took me three tries to get the bottom corners right.

A couple year later, there has been some wear and tear. I thought it would be interesting to show since we always see projects new and shiny not worn.

I have used this bag dozens of times. I have taken it on a few airplanes and on many road trips. The airplane trips were difficult. This bag has gotten snagged on things in th e overhead compartment. That corner that I worked so hard to sew did not hold up well. Those seam quickly ripped open. I think this bag might be helped by using a stronger than average thread.


Because the bag mainly holds socks, shirts, etc, I am not too worried about the hole. It isn’t large enough for anything like that to slip out.

The first thing on the bag to rip was the handles. Originally, these were sewn half was up the sides. It is easier to carry when the handles are sewn on as instructed. The handles are now ripped on both sides. They have gotten snagged a few times. 
IMG_0700Because there is a lining, this “wear and tear” can only be fixed by unpicking the lining, resewing, then sewing the lining. Because there are pockets in the lining, I don’t think I can sew through the lining. With a sturdy needle and extra strong thread, I could fix it by hand – maybe.

That is difficult enough that it may not happen. I think I will just make a duffle bag for myself. They are a lot more fun to make!