The Most Creative Question


First up, let me say that this is entirely my opinion and based solely on my own experiences.

I have always said that I am an experimental quilter. I love to play and discover while working with color and pattern. My favorite question in my creative quest is “What if???”

My favorite result happened when I asked myself two questions. First, “What if I make a quilt with a color I hate – orange?” Second, “What if I make a quilt with the color of the year – turquoise?”

I found as I was looking at blues that I really liked aqua, but I was determined to use the turquoise that was more difficult for me. I bought Kona Turquoise to use as a background. I was determined to pair it with orange because at the time I hated (not actually hated – just didn’t appreciate) orange. In order to do something that was so difficult for me, I decided to get some help. At the time one of my favorite fabric lines was Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidt. I loved the blues and greens. For this quilt, I decided to trust Denyse and use the pink and orange colors of Hope Valley.

This is the quilt I came up with:


It was four years ago. Here is the original post:

I love the quilt! BUT the main result for me is that I now appreciate orange! I have used it on many occasions since then. It all started because of the question “What if?”

WHAT IF I made a fish quilt with 5″ charm squares?


The result to that question was Charming Little Fish in Simply Charming Fun.

WHAT IF I made an appliqúe quilt starting from 5″ charm squares?

This question was interesting for me because I don’t like appliqúe. I decided to appliqúe the easiest shape – a circle. I ended up creating a book from that one question, Simply Charming Circles.


This idea is expressed more eloquently by Phil Hansen in a TED talk: Embrace the Shake

He is an artist, and I love his work: The best part about his work is watching the videos of him creating the art. It is amazing.

We, as quilters, are artists. Embrace the creativity! What if you started with the question WHAT IF? What will you create?