It’s Spring in the Rocky Mountains! A Sale and a Giveaway


A couple days ago, the temperature hit 70 degrees. With daylight savings time (which I don’t particularly care for, but that is a different story), it got dark later, and my kids played outside until it was time for bed. I love it when they play outside all day! It’s only better when the trees in our backyard is full of fruit that they can snack on!

I always know it’s spring in Utah when I use the heater in the car in the morning, and the air conditioner in the afternoon.

With spring in the air, I fall in love with my book Springtime in the Rockies all over again! I wrote this book two and a half years ago with the help of 8 friends of mine who design quilts and live in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains and love them as much as I do. It is published by Kansas City Star. There two things I love about this book:

1) It’s a gorgeous book. Kansas City Star makes beautiful books. I can this book my coffee table quilt book. Besides the fabulous quilts, I asked for a lot of pictures of my mountains to be included. In the pages of this book, you can take a virtual road trip here. I hope it will encourage you to come visit!

2) The second thing I love about this book is all the different techniques. Each of the nine designers in the book make quilts differently. I enjoy getting to experience the personality of each of the designers.

Here is one of my quilts in the book, True North. It is made from a charm pack, which is what I am known for. It is also appliqué  which is unusual for me. It was fun to try something different, but I did get dizzy blanket stitching the 33 little circles onto the quilt!


For more pictures of the quilts included in the book, you can see some on my website:

You can also see a few sample pages at the Pickle Dish Store: 

In celebration of spring, I have decided to give away THREE books!


1) The first book will be given away here on the blog. To enter, comment on this post. I would love to hear what your favorite part of spring is!

2) The second book will be given away on my Facebook page, To enter, like my Facebook page and comment on the Facebook post.

3) The third book will be given away on my Instagram page, To enter, follow me on Instagram and comment on the Instagram post.

Winners will be drawn next Monday, March 23rd.

In addition to the giveaway, Springtime in the Rockies has been listed for sale on my website. The retail price of this book is $26.95. Until the end of March, the book will be on sale for $10! By one for yourself or a friend.

Celebrate spring!

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