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For a couple of days during Spring Break, we took the kids to Goblin Valley, the middle of nowhere Southern Utah. It’s a giant sandbox. Everyone loved it! They never got tired of climbing around in the Valley of the Goblins.


To see beauty in the middle of the sandbox made me aware of the resilience of nature. IMG_20150411_104359879

We, as plants, can be beautiful in the middle of challenges.IMG_0882b

I have never been in a slot canyon before. It was fabulous! We were there at a regular time of day. Looking at the amazing colors, I could see that if the time of day was right, I think the colors would take my breath away.
b IMG_20150410_174221662_HDR

One nice thing about a slot canyon is that the kids couldn’t get lost. At times we got spread out more than we normally would. A couple times, the little one and I would turn on “super speed” and run through the windy path through the narrow canyon walls to catch up to the others. IMG_20150410_174105919

After lunch on the day we were leaving, we had time for one more exploration. We were going to go back into the Valley, but then we heard about a hike to the Goblin’s Lair. We couldn’t resist. This hike was completely in the sun and was hot. Not knowing what the Goblin’s Lair looked like, we hoped the heat was worth it. It was! The little bitty kids are at the entrance to the lair. It was a large cavern with skylights and natural airconditioning. If you ever go to Goblin Valley, I highly recommend taking the hot walk around to the Goblin’s Lair.

It was a nice break after the stress of getting my new book done.

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