Blocks from the Past Quilt Along Week 19


How’s your quilt coming??? I am posting this in January, so I hope my quilt is coming along well. My goal is one block a week. I liked the three blocks this week. They are found on pages 44, 45, and 79.

The first block is Double “T”, on page 44.

For this block, I used the same HST method as the Cakestand Block ( To use this method, cut the original squares to 3″ and square up the HSTs to 2 1/2″.

There are eight flying geese blocks. For flying geese, I really like the no waste method. One tutorial the second tutorial on this Connecting Threads tutorial:

To use this method, cut two background squares to 3 1/4″ and four squares of each of two colors 1 7/8″ squares.


The second block is Double Dutch on page 45.

If you make this block, be patient making eight itty bitty flying geese. After that, it goes well. With the center flying geese, I used the stitch and flip triangle method which is the first one showed on the Connecting Threads tutorial. This worked great with such tiny pieces.

For the “large” flying geese, I again used the no waste method. To use this, cut one color rectangle at 4 1/4″, and four background squares at 2 3/8″.

The third block is Pea Ridge Lily on page 79.

I actually liked making this block. I liked it because I made the lily using English Paper Piecing. I made six EPP templates using the applique template in the book.

I pieced the lily together and stitched it onto a background. It was easy to stitch the stem on as well. I left off the leaves because I didn’t feel like putting them on. I don’t miss them. bftp79I hope by now there are lots of pretty little blocks on the flickr group (!

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