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Last year when I updated my website, it was very slow. It gave me a lot of problems. It seemed it was easy to build a new site than fix the old one. I am thrilled to have my new website launched. It will take me little to get all the content up to speed. Thank you for your patience.

This is also why there hasn’t been anything new on the blog lately. That will be remedied starting TODAY!

Thanks again! Happy quilting!

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  1. Robin Waggoner
    June 7, 2015 at 12:33 am

    Konda, I started following your blog through quilt designers yahoo group awhile ago. I would like to continue to follow you but use both the blog reader in blogger and bloglovin for a daily feed. I can’t find any way on your website to “follow” your blog with a blog reader or by email. Can you direct me to that place or possibly you don’t have one. Thanks.

    Robin Waggoner
    Woodland Cottage Designs.

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