The Market Report You Haven’t Read Yet, part 1


This is the first time, besides my first Market, that I attended Market without having a booth. Because of this, the week before Market must not have felt stressful enough. I just HAD to squeeze in one more project, a new carry on bag! Here she is at her photo shoot at Minnehaha Falls 🙂


I am so glad I had time to make it. She worked like a dream! She even has a sleeve that fit over a larger suitcase handle. I used Studio Cheri’s pattern:

Of course, I changed up some of the pockets and handles, because I have a problem following directions 🙂 This is the pattern I used last Christmas when I made 3 of them. I love this pattern. I highly recommend it. It comes in two sizes. This is the smaller one. I plan on making the larger one for my husband.

Once we got to Minnesota, I was greeted with a large moose at the airport. How could I not feel at home!


We took the light rail from the airport into downtown. The price was right, and we were up for an adventure. It worked like a charm! The most memorable part was when an older gentleman got on and started singing. He was basically serenading us (I traveled with my partner in crime, Machelle Preston aka Cherry Tree Cottage) because the light rail was fairly empty. He sounded a lot like Frank Sinatra to me. I was very uncomfortable, but I decided to pretend I was just hearing the lovely music and I smiled. When he got off, he told us to have a good day. I told him he had a very nice voice and thanked him. Now that is something that doesn’t happen every day!

Then at our hotel, a few blocks from the convention center, it looked like Paul Bunyan himself, stacked the logs! This is looking down from the second floor. Everywhere I looked, there were things to discover.


It rained off and on while we were there. Coming from dry Utah, I never got tired of the rain. However, we were able to walk all around town via skyways and not get wet! These skyways were genius!


I have a daughter who loves minions, so Quilting Treasures minion fabric was extra fun welcome to Minneapolis!


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