The Market Report You Haven’t Read Yet, part 2, the greenway


When I travel, I love to get a feel of the place. I want to see more than the convention center. Minnesota was perfect for this! I was pleased to find out that the famous sculpture gardens were within walking distance from our hotel. What I soon learned was that not only was it within walking distance, but it was connected by a fabulous large sidewalk lined with plants that they called a greenway!


At the first opportunity, Machelle and I walked down the greenway, through the park, around the lake, and over the bridge to the sculpture gardens. Yes, it was juts as fabulous as it sounds! We had the great fortune of walking down the greenway on a Saturday morning when volunteers were planting the greenway. We really didn’t have time, but we took time to stop and help plant a few plants in one of the planter boxes along the greenway. What a great memory! I think Machelle said we planted some kind of begonia. I also could be remembering wrong.


The bridge had a poem at the top. The end of the poem said, “And then it got very cool.” I kept repeating that to myself while we were there. All of Minnesota (yes, I only saw one tiny part) felt like a poem waiting to be explored.


We were first met with, and astounded by, the iconic Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture. We really HAD to see this one for my partner in crime, Machelle, whose alternate identity is Cherry Tree Cottage! She grew up on a cherry farm. My pictures are a little dark. It was a beautifully overcast morning, that was, consequently, a little dark. For better pictures and more information, click the names.


As we continued through the gardens, I saw other pieces of art that I liked even more than the first one. One I loved, was named after my brother, Woodrow. It looks like it is made of wood, but it’s metal! The detail is amazing! What I love even more, when I posted a picture on my personal facebook page, one of my friends said how fortunate I was to see a Deborah Butterfield horse! The name on the plaque didn’t mean anything to me at the time. Now it does!


My favorite, one that I would love to sit and meditate beneath, was Prophecy of the Ancients. It looks semi interesting from afar. I wasn’t impressed, but I was drawn to it.


From beneath, it inspired awe. The metal netting is in layers. Objects are entagled in the net. It felt like I was looking up into space, almost like I was viewing another dimension of reality. I started to wonder…. not even about anything in particular, just wonder…. And then we had to leave. I would love to look up and wonder again. I suppose it is a similar feeling that I get when I am looking at the stars at night.


After Market was over late Sunday afternoon, we took a walk back to our now favorite park (that we walked through before). First we walked around the gardens, and read all of the bricks. Some were inspirational: As the garden grows, so does the gardener.


Some had character. My favorite read: “2013 My dog passed away Charmaine. She was 15 years old.” I picture someone coming here, enjoying the beauty, and remembering their beloved dog. I felt like there was a story in every brick.


Here is an honorary squirrel for Machelle. She had to watch every squirrel, and I had to read every plaque. We loved to tease each other about that.


Then we sat and watched some ducklings. I haven’t watched ducklings for a while. They are hilarious! Reminded me of my little kids. They would be looking at something while the rest swam away. All the while mother duck is constantly quack, quack, quacking. Then the papa duck that is further away watching everything, says QUACK, QUACK. Then those little ducks practically run across the water to catch up.


The peaceful evening was the perfect ending to Market.

On the way home, we had a late flight. We checked our bags, and then went sightseeing close to the airport. It was worth the 150 stairs down to Minnehaha Falls. I HAD to stop here because I have a cousin Mindy whose nick name was Minnehaha. Our Uncle, who has been gone for some time now, gave her that nick name. She always hated it growing up, but now she has fond memories of it. Funny how we can appreciate teasing when it isn’t actually happening.


The last place we went was the Mall of America. It was a city unto itself. I couldn’t talk Machelle into getting on one of the roller coasters. Instead we just walked around with our 20 pound carry on bags (They felt like 50 pounds by the time we had walked around the mall.) and threw our shoulders out. We had to get our books and magazines home!


Stay tuned next time for some actual Market details…

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