MPQ134 Midwest Memories


Midwest Memories

91″ x 91″

Pieced queen size quilt.

Product Description

I designed this quilt while driving across the United States. I was inspired by the beautiful farmland I passed through and the beautiful fabric that matched my vision of it. The barn in the center is reminiscent of my grandfather’s barn that I visited as a child. There is no applique in this quilt. All of it is pieced. The fabric shown is Reclaimed West by Judy Niemeyer for Timeless Treasures.

This queen size quilt is 91″ x 91″.

Pattern Notes:

In the Windmill Block, cutting instruction 2 says to cut 5 – 7″ strips. In the sewing instructions W1, it says to use 6 1/2″ strips instead of 7″ strips. Because a template is being cut from the strips sets, either 6 1/2″ or 7″ strips may be used.

In the sewing instructions for the Star Block, Figure 10 and Figure 12 are counter-intuitive. The figures are correct. They do NOT mean to cut 3 1/2″ strips. The width of the strips is between markings on the ruler. Measure across the top and/or bottom 3 1/2″ and make a 45 degree cut using a ruler with the 45 degree markings.

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