The Princess and the Pigs

$16.95 $7.95

Children’s Picture Book

A princess book for adventurous young girls.


Apple pie and ice cream, spaghetti and meat balls, princesses and pigs? This engaging tale demonstrates that even the most seemingly impossible combinations can come to be seen as familiar as peanut butter and jelly. “So very long ago, in a place long since forgotten, there lived a beautiful princess named Cynthia.” Join Cynthia as she sneaks out of the castle and has an adventure the kingdom will never forget. As she sacrifices her comfort that she may show compassion to her new friends, she sets the kingdom in an uproar. Her journey proves invaluable as she discovers that sometimes pearls are cast before swine, and sometimes they are found amongst them!

Hardcover: 32 pages

Mud Puddle Press: Where Children Come to Play

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